Avris Dojo

Practise programming Dojo-style in your own IDE

A Coding Dojo is a great way to practise programming, test-driven development, teamwork, pair programming and problem solving. Avris Dojo provides an easy way to synchronise your dojo codebase with your teammates.

What's a Coding Dojo?

A Coding Dojo is a meeting of coders when they solve some problem together in order to have fun and to practise their skills, particularly in the area of cooperation and test-driven development.

For more info check out CodingDojo.org .

Why Avris Dojo?

There are some nice tools, like cyber-dojo , which help you organise a Dojo.

But nothing is better than your own computer, your own IDE, your keyboard layout and your hotkeys.

Avris Dojo lets your team cooperate on the same codebase with everyone using their own preferred tools. Basically, it just automatically commits and pushes your changes whenever you run tests and pulls whenever someone else pushed to the repo.

How to run it?

  1. composer create-project avris/dojo-playground my_dojo

  2. Push it to some remote that your team will be able to access.

  3. Configure a push webhook for your project to: https://dojo.avris.it/push

  4. Run vendor/bin/dojo-listen – it will listen to changes in the repo and automatically pull them.

  5. Just write code in your preferred IDE.

  6. Run vendor/bin/phpunit to execute tests – it will automatically commit and push your changes (regardless if it's green or red).


Exercises scraped from: cyber-dojo/start-points-exercises

How it works?

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